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Vermont has a vibrant multicultural arts scene. Venues have been booking the likes of the Alvin Aliey Dance Troupe, Wynton Marsellis, and off Broadway productions like STOMP and Black Angels over Tuskeegee for years. Brattleboro is home to the Vermont Jazz Center, the Asian Cultural Center of Vermont, and the nearby Marlboro Music Festival. Burlington has its Discover Jazz Festival, an amazing First Night Celebration, and a thriving music scene and nightlife.

Literary and film festivals across the state showcase exhibits, lectures and the works of writers and film producers of color. The largest among these include the Women’s Film Festival, the Vermont International Film Festival, and the Brattleboro Literary Festival.

You will also find local colleges, museums, and churches sponsor exhibits and lectures from notable persons of color. And if cultural tourism is your thing the Vermont African American Heritage Trail will take your family to over twenty sites of interest.


Here’s a non-exhaustive list of live performing arts venues to get you started.

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  • Has earned a reputation for acceptance and inclusion.
  • Is regularily ranked as one of America's best places to live, work and play.
  • Was named the healthiest state in the nation by the United Health Foundation in 2011.
  • Is the safest state in the nation.

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