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I’m Originally from Jamaica, Nick Hunter moved to New York City with the hope of receiving a better opportunity in the U.S. than he would have in his home county. Nick studied at Ithaca College and came to came to Vermont to attend graduate school at Saint Michael’s College. He has since worked at a nonprofit and alternative school—both in VT. Hunter is currently a Personal Counselor at SMC. originally from Jamaica. The population there is mixed. There are a lot of native Jamaicans as well as people of other backgrounds.

From Jamaica I moved to Brooklyn, New York. I originally came to the United Sates for a better opportunity. I attended Ithaca College in upstate New York as an undergrad.

The reason I came to Vermont was to attend graduate school at Saint Michael’s College. For some time, I worked for a nonprofit in VT. I did family outreach and also worked as a clinician at an alternative school.

I’m currently working as a Personal Counselor at Saint Michael’s College. I stated working at the college in the fall of 2015 and it’s been an amazing experience. My co-workers are great; they have been very open and accepting. We have ongoing efforts to increase awareness about people of different backgrounds, that’s been very helpful for us to become a more inclusive environment.

When I first moved to Vermont I had some issues with racial profiling. Now that I’ve been here for a period of time I’ve been able to see that things are slowly getting better.

People are opening up to other cultures. I think that events and activities offered by the different cultures in the area are on the rise and that is definitely helping to promote awareness and increase acceptance.

As a person of color in Vermont, most people that I have interacted with have been accepting and caring. However, there are always a few outliers. You may encounter an individual who has had little to no interactions with people of different backgrounds, it can be challenging to interact with people who have such limited experiences.

This isn’t the first time that I’ve lived in a place with a very small minority population. The demographics at Ithaca College were fairly similar. I really like the fact that we have the refugee resettlement program here, it gives people the opportunity to interact with individuals from different cultures.

One of my favorite things about Vermont is the scenery during the summer and fall. The summertime reminds me of Jamaica. I come from a rural part of Jamaica, Vermont reminds me of that.

I really enjoy all of the beautiful nature here—it’s definitely ideal. I like going out and taking advantage of the nature trails. I appreciate that there’s not much traffic or pollution. There’s isn’t much commotion within the population here; Burlington is a relatively tame, safe place. Overall, Vermonters are nice, good people.

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  • Has earned a reputation for acceptance and inclusion.
  • Is regularily ranked as one of America's best places to live, work and play.
  • Was named the healthiest state in the nation by the United Health Foundation in 2011.
  • Is the safest state in the nation.

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